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When employees leave your company, they may do so without a given reason. Reasons vary, and may include a desire to maintain good relationships within the company or avoid putting future references at risk. Companies often try to counter this tendency with exit surveys, but research shows that fewer than half (and often as little as 30-35%) of employees who leave a company participate in the exit survey.

That’s unfortunate, because the data you gather from exit surveys can prove extremely valuable to your organization. It can help you pinpoint engagement obstacles, encourage manager accountability for retention, gather intelligence about your employer brand, and give you actionable insights to help you reduce turnover and create a more productive, positive culture.

An effective exit interview process helps you identify:

  • Company strengths & weakness
  • Reasons for employees to leave
  • Negative trends that contribute to turnover
  • Potential unethical practices
  • Cultural gaps
  • Communication gaps
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